See the GIF-worthy moments in Perry’s new ad.


Katy Perry’s holiday ad for H&M has the makings for some real Internet sensationalism.

In case you haven’t seen Perry’s 2-minute commercial for the affordable fashion line, it’s a must-see. In it, Perry is introduced as a magical fairy rocking her signature green hair. She says, “Welcome. Bienvenue. The makers of happy and merry cast their magic spell.”

With the snap of her fingers, Perry’s imagination transforms into an inviting holiday world featuring oversized gingerbread men, a shirtless man holding a kitten, nutcrackers, polar bears and dancing Christmas trees while her song “Every Day Is A Holiday” plays.

Perry’s zany participation is brilliant! She knows her intentional robotic dancing and wide smirks will cause an onslaught of social media memes. So, in honor of Perry’s welcomed ridiculousness, here’s seven reaction-GIFs we’re sure you’re familiar with.

When you realize you can snap.

When your life is falling apart but you gotta get through Thanksgiving dinner.

When you’re going through bae’s phone.

When there’s a half-day at work.

When you got an A on a test you didn’t study for.

When you fart in a crowd.

When yo man wanna Netflix and Chill but you just wanna Netflix.

Watch the commercial below:

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