Katy Perry’s First Special Guest At The Superbowl Will Be…

January 10, 2015 By Aaron

katy perry

Lenny Kravitz!

Both iconic rockstar Lenny Kravitz and cotton candy enthusiast Katy Perry have confirmed today that they will take the stage together for the Super Bowl halftime show next month.

Find out all the details below:

Perry spilled the beans to Willie Geist from NBC during the Ravens v. Patriots Game earlier today, saying:

“My first special guest is going to be an incredible rock n roll icon, a guitar god… I’m going to have Lenny Kravitz on the show!”

And added:

“He’s going to make me so much cooler that day.”

Well, that saves me saying it, I suppose.

Just incase you thought the whole thing was a cruel ruse by the infamously evil alleged dancer-thief, Kravitz’s team took to the “Hunger Games” star’s official Twitter to confirm the pairing:

Speculation is rife as to what number they’ll perform together and how a rock legend like Lenny will be incorporated into a show which Katy herself has promised will feature “color, humor, sass and incredible joy” – not words that would generally be synonymous with rock music.

So is this a good collaboration for Katy Perry? Well, there are a lot of drawbacks to her decision, principally that I can’t see how the Katycats are going to get all too excited about this, and I say that with no shade to Katy’s fans *or* Lenny Kravitz – they’re just operating (and selling to) completely different demographics. There’s also the obvious problem of how the hell Kravtiz is going to fit into a set which will, according to the “Teenage Dream” belter, feature both “Roar” and “Firework”. Not to mention the fact that Kravitz, who hasn’t had a song enter the Billboard Hot 100 since 2007 and hasn’t had a top 5 hit since 2000, whilst legendary, is not what you’d call current or relevant.

But all problems to one side, this could be a calculated risk that’ll pay off for Perry in the long run. Whilst, like I said, Lenny Kravitz doesn’t share a demographic with Katy Perry and isn’t en vogue right now, there’s no denying that he has appeal, he’s insanely talented, and the people he appeals to are the exact kind of people that’ll be sitting down with chips and dip to watch the actual game on Super Bowl Sunday. You know, the football bit. The bit we’ll be praying to end so we can see what brand of whipped cream Katy’s going to shoot out of her *****. By including him in her set, Katy could well go a way to win over the rock loving, beer drinking, middle aged bros that the Super Bowl traditionally attracts, ensuring not only that fewer people switch over at half time but drawing the respect of a demographic that will have traditionally ignored the pop singer.

Also, let’s not forget that Katy announced Lenny as her FIRST special guest, which means that there’s almost undoubtedly at least one other performer set to hit the field with Perry in three weeks time. So even if you are underwhelmed by the announcement, the best may be yet to come…

Ah Katy, what a crafty cat you are. What do YOU think of Perry’s decision?