Katy Perry Will Tour In 2017

September 19, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Katy Perry’s fourth studio album is approaching fast.


Katy Perry’s new era is approaching fast.

After Perry dropped Olympic theme song “Rise” as a standalone track, it was evident her return was near. Perry’s forthcoming album, a followup to 2013’s Prism, could debut as soon as this fall, though the pop star recently revealed she was currently “deep in the writing process.” But with the “Roar” singer… expect the unexpected.

“It takes a bit of time for me to [write] because I have to those experiences and then write about them,” Perry told Elvis Duran this summer. “I have to digest what I’m seeing and recycling it and give my perspective on it.”

Perry has a lot of experiences to pull from: her feud with Taylor Swift (who’d she collaborate with as long as the wolf in sheep’s clothing apologizes), her relationship with Orlando Bloom and an encounter with an Internet troll, who accused Perry of being a flop. Her reaction is the best, and also revealed tour plans for 2017. “See you at my show 2K17,” she said.

The music she’ll promote on tour is shaping up to be her most experimental album to date.

“I’m working with a lot of unexpected writers and producers and … that’s bringing out a lot of different things sonically,” she continued. “Even when I was working with my go-to producers, I’d always push them to play me a beat that was reserved for Three 6 Mafia or something like that… I know exactly how to write a lyric over that because my strengths are melody and lyrics. I’m putting myself in unexpected situations and that is breeding a lot of new color.”

Last month, Perry told Ryan Seacrest she’s “in the thick” of recording.

“I’m just taking some chances. I’m just having a lot of fun, but experimenting and trying different producers, and different collaborators, and different styles. I’m not rushing.”

When pushed for a release date, Perry remained tight-lipped, however it’s rumored the “Roar” singer’s fourth studio album could drop as soon as October.

“I’ve got some timelines in my head. But you hear about people going, ‘don’t take too much time.’ And I’m like listen, listen. Let me tell you one thing: music is all that matters. If the music is good, everybody forgets about the time that you took to make it,” adding she puts in 110% into everything she does and is “confident if I stay vulnerable and authentic with myself that the music that comes out of me will continue to connect.”

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