katy perry

Suddenly Katy’s choice to perform “By the Grace of God” at the Grammys doesn’t seem quite so peculiar.

Katy Perry is using her ever expanding platform to raise awareness about more than just the brutally unacknowledged entertainment value of sharks that lack basic coordination. At this Sunday’s Grammy Awards she’ll be taking the stage with a domestic assault survivor to shed light on the huge issue of domestic abuse.

Get the full details below:

Brooke Axtell will be reciting a “written-word piece” during Katy’s performance of the cut from latest album ‘Prism,’ and spoke to People magazine about the performance:

It’s an honor to collaborate with Katy in this way. She has been very devoted to various aspects of female empowerment … It’s going to bring a lot of encouragement and freedom to those who hear my story and know that they are not alone in this.

It’s pretty fantastic to hear that Katy will be lending her voice to such an important and marginalized problem, especially given that it’s an issue which affects somewhere around 25% of adult women in the US – a literally ludicrous statistic given how little domestic assault is discussed in comparison to other social and gendered problems.

It’ll undoubtedly be a beautiful and moving performance and will do absolutely nothing to hurt brand-Katy which is on an unprecedented high following the most viewed Super Bowl halftime show in history.

She’s also been chatting to the Associated Press about her post-Prismatic plans, and opened up about her next musical venture:

I also think it’s important for me to maybe start reinventing myself. Because I can’t keep topping myself because I’ll just combust at some point. You can’t keep topping yourself when you’re at such a height. There’s only one Mount Everest and once you’ve reached it, it’s like where do you go from there? You’ve just got to sail somewhere else.

She raises a very valid point. The endurance of almost all popstars comes down to how well they’re able to adapt and change, and how many new things they’re willing to try. The kind of longevity that other pop giants like Madonna and Britney have enjoyed has always come hand in hand with an affinity for reinvention. Although the term ‘reinvention’ has become pretty much synonymous with the Material Girl, it’s definitely applicable to almost all of her peers who have lasted beyond their third or forth album.

It also feels like Katy’s got pretty much all she’s going to get out of her sweet and safe pop roots. Whilst they’ve definitely served her well – the “Teenage Dream” star is on her ninth hot 100 number one – I’d say that the time for change in camp Perry has well and truly arrived. The success of Rihanna’s monumental switch in direction, “FourFiveSeconds,” has proven beyond all doubt that audiences are far more adaptive than the industry generally gives them credit for, so Katy’ll probably find success in a similarly radical shift. What she’ll do next is anyone’s guess, but as long as it doesn’t involve Paul McCartney I’ll be checking for it.

What direction do you want to see Katy going in for album number four?