Touring is never really over, but right now for Katy Perry it is.

Label artists are usually contractually obligated to tour, despite most treks taking a mental, physical and emotional toll on them. Katy is all too familiar with the heavy pressures from touring the world (she’s played more than 500 shows over four world tours0, so she’s just letting y’all know it’s not happening for the foreseeable future.

The pop star, who embarked on the Witness tour for almost an entire year straight, said she won’t hit the stage any time soon so she can focus on releasing new music.

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“I don’t really want to go on tour right now. I can’t make a record while I’m on the road because one thing suffers,” she tells The Sun, adding that it doesn’t feel authentic to record whilst touring.

It’s worth mentioning Katy Kats are under the impression she recorded “Never Really Over” on tour…

 “I feel a little bit like 2008 was a time, and now 2019 is a totally different time, and all of the change that has happened in between that, it’s a totally different playing field.

She continued, “I mean, you have to rewire and relearn. I would say that, as an observer, and a big fan of music, there are fewer characters. Lots of songs come out, but fewer characters and personalities.”

Katy reportedly has three additional new songs in the works.

UPDATE: Virgin EMI president Ted Cockle tells MusicWeek Katy is working on a new LP. “She is funny, sharp as a button, supremely entertaining. She was able to come over a couple of weeks ago and just spend time with people, play them the song and other songs as well that gave them confidence that this is not a one-off situation,” he said. “There’s plenty of goodness to come.”

Cockle said that Katy is just having “some fun making music and be excited about the songs”.

“The album will come in its own fine time,” he added.

It wasn’t that long ago she said she was taking a break from releasing music, so we’ll see about the tour.

Streaming culture has created an environment where fans are impatient to hear new tunes, and the artists are eager to release them. RIP albums. And tours?

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