Katy Perry To Selena Gomez: Thanks For The Check, Now Take A Hike!

Selena Gomez signed with Direct Management, Katy Perry’s representation, but was was mysteriously kicked to the curb. Behind it? Katy Perry.

Fans rejoiced when Selena signed with Katy’s people, but Katy, who earned a little extra something for giving her blessing when Selena signed on, and her day-to-day manager, Bradford Cobb, “changed their minds.”

From HitsDailyDouble:

“It’s a classic example of a big act and day-to-day rep calling the shots for a management company’s entire business. This same scenario has played out time and time again in the volatile management world. But given how big Katy is now—not to mention the size of those commission checks—how could they argue with her?”

Katy is probably sick of Selena’s shenanigans and maybe Justin Bieber in general. Girl bye!