She is many things.

Katy Perry is many things, and she wants you to embrace all of them.

The pop star released a promo video for her forthcoming album Witness today. It appears Perry is privy to the general Internet’s reaction of her right now: confusion. She’s setting the record straight.

“Can you see me? I mean I know you can see me, but can you really see me? My name is Katheryn Hudson,” she says looking into the camera. “I’m vulnerable and strong. I’m a woman, an artist. I’m liberated, goofy and I’m not always right. I’m Katy Perry and I’m not just one thing.”

A lot of what we’ve seen from Katy recently is antics, so this clip, albeit a little extra, couldn’t come at a better time. Watch:

And if you’re interested, Katy filmed her entire yoga training. If you have a spare 90 minutes then enjoy:

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