Katy Perry

Katy Perry Tells Us Who She Really Is In New Album Promo

She is many things.

Katy Perry is many things, and she wants you to embrace all of them.

The pop star released a promo video for her forthcoming album Witness today. It appears Perry is privy to the general Internet’s reaction of her right now: confusion. She’s setting the record straight.

“Can you see me? I mean I know you can see me, but can you really see me? My name is Katheryn Hudson,” she says looking into the camera. “I’m vulnerable and strong. I’m a woman, an artist. I’m liberated, goofy and I’m not always right. I’m Katy Perry and I’m not just one thing.”

A lot of what we’ve seen from Katy recently is antics, so this clip, albeit a little extra, couldn’t come at a better time. Watch:

And if you’re interested, Katy filmed her entire yoga training. If you have a spare 90 minutes then enjoy:

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