Life’s a pendulum.


Katy Perry is a fan of teasing her music in bite-sized form without any production. That includes her new preview of “Deja Vu,” which finds the pop star singing about life’s precious fleeting moments.

“Life’s a pendulum,” she sings. “It all comes back around.”



Katy Perry’s purposeful pop is deja vu.

Katy Perry revealed plans to share her forthcoming album in bitesized bits. Following “Chained To The Rhythm,” the pop star has thrown a few teasers onto the Internet and seeing what sticks. One of those included a tropical-tinged ~Goddess~ anthem, and the other was a blaring command. Her latest preview is similar to the latter – a spoken declaration sans any music. It’s likely she’s leaving the production out to keep it a surprise.

“Cause every day is the same, definition of insane,” she says. “I think we’re running on a loop. Deja vu.”

The hamster running on the wheel appears to be a common theme this era.

“There will be something else coming more… very soon,” Perry told Elvis Duran at the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this month. “All of my fanbase, or the people that listen to my music… they hate the word ‘soon.’”

Yup. Give it.

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