Perry has a plan.

Katy Perry has a plan.

It’s rare that Perry opens up about her musical plans. Leading up to “Chained To The Rhythm,” the pop star had only hinted at a timeline and vibe she was aiming for on her fourth studio album. Now that the purposeful pop era is entirely underway (welcome to Oblivia), Perry is feeling more comfortable gabbing about the creation process.

In a new interview with Capital FM, the same interview where a Katy Kat lied about liking her new blonde do, Perry says she’s more confident than ever, and it’ll show in the new tunes.

“I’m just striving for more consciousness than ever,” Perry says in one of her first interviews in several years. That manifested into “Chained,” the album’s lead single she co-wrote with Sia and produced by Max Martin.

“I was writing with my co-writer, who I always write with, Max Martin, and [Sia] had never written with him,” Perry said. “It was one of my last writing sessions and I was actually really tired because I’ve written over 40 songs for the record.”

She added: “but this was after the election and I was kind of depressed and, you know, I definitely didn’t want to write a club banger,” Katy continues. “I was like, ‘How are we writing a club banger when the world is on fire?’ And it was a nice exercise of writing a song that at first listen is a really fun song, but I guess the more you dive into it, it has a different subtext.”

Perry also opened up about the forthcoming record, which she says is full of “great” songs. “I’ve got something swirling, but I think I want to put out some songs first before I give them the full meal,” the said. “I think we are digesting things in bite size these days and that’s what we can handle. It’s not shade or anything at all like that… but when someone has a 17 or 19 track album and you’re like, ‘I have to take a trip to Mars to listen to your record in full!’ I mean I love you, you’re my favorite dope artist, but like we want bite size.” Funny reference – Bruno Mars only featured nine songs on 24K Magic. Listen to her new interview below:

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