Another one in the casket. 

It’s been a tough couple of months for Katy Perry. A judge ruled her song “Dark Horse” is a copyright infringement of Christian rap song, “Joyful Noise.” She’ll reportedly have to shell out a couple million to settle. Meanwhile, the male model starring alongside Katy in the “Teenage Dream” music video accused Perry of sexual harassment. It gets worse…

The latest buzz is that Perry’s vertical video for her new song, “Small Talk,” rips off Broods’ Don’t Feed The Pop Monster album cover. The New Zealand brother-sister duo haven’t yet commented on the similarities, but the resemblance is uncanny. 

The visionary behind Broods’ album cover is a San Diego-based photographer named Dana Trippe. Trippe did not collaborate with Katy on the “Small Talk” video.

The director for Perry’s ‘50s inspired single cover and vertical video is Kate Hollowell. Trippe knows she influenced Hollowell and released a statement:

 “Taking inspiration once and a while is fine. Just think it over for a little while and make sure it is different enough to be unique,” Trippe said. “My sets are meaningful to me, especially this one. Please, respect your fellow artists ideas.”

Naturally, the comments started piling up on Katy’s Instagram post that featured a clip of the video.

“Great job copying Broods! A+ for originality,” one fan wrote. 

“Maybe try not ripping off @broodsmusic,” read another.

You can watch the entire “Small Talk” video here. Do you see the similarities or nah?

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Haven’t heard #SmallTalk yet? Now you can head to @spotify to see my new vertical video (as you so patiently wait for THE music video 🙏🏻) Link in bio

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