Katy Perry filmed a new video, but for what?

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The Witness era has officially come to a close. Katy said she’d like to take a step back from making new music, then weeks later released a cover of “Waving Through A Window” from Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen.

You can take the woman out of pop, but you can’t take pop out of the woman.

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Perhaps Katy took back what she said, because she’s currently filming something with director Aya Tanimura. She directed Katy’s lyric videos for “Roar,” “Unconditionally,” “Birthday” and “Chained To The Rhythm.” The two reportedly spent three days filming together.

There are several theories floating around:

The first is the least likely unfortunately – that Katy is readying a lyric/music video for a new song. The other, more likely scenario, according to Katy Kats, is an advertisement for her Katy Perry Collections shoe line.

One way or another, we’re getting a new Katy lewk. She’s serving Dolly Parton Teenage Dream realness in the new footage.

See the receipts below:

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