Perry answers questions on Twitter about her pop contemporaries.


Katy Perry got up, close and personal with her fans on Twitter earlier today.

The Rise singer answered a bunch of questions from her 92 million fans on the social media platform, addressing everyone from Lady Gaga to Beyonce – and even pop enemy, Taylor Swift.

Y’all surely know the story by now: Taylor and Katy were frenemies at best, Katy rehired several dancers while they were still working on Taylor’s Red tour, Taylor pens Bad Blood in response, Katy refers to her as “the Regina George in sheep’s clothing”, Taylor casts every female celebrity alive in the Bad Blood video where they build an army together against her enemy, Katy calls Taylor out on her hypocrisy about female solidarity after she attacks Nicki Minaj regarding the 2015 VMA nominations, Taylor quickly makes amends with Nicki and wins Video Of The Year…and all has been fairly quiet on the Bad Blood front since then…

Until today…

Here’s what Katy had to say about pop’s biggest right now:

On Beyonce:

On twenty one pilots:

On Taylor:

On Lady Gaga:

On the Applause/Roar stan wars:

Perry insisted to suspicious fans that this spontaneous Q&A wasn’t any indication of an imminent single release but…it has to be soon, right?