Katy Perry’s “Rise” gets transformed by Purity Ring, Monsieur Adi and TĀLĀ.


Katy Perry’s “Rise” gets transformed.

I’m giving my Spotify account a rest from streaming Britney Spears’s new album Glory and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Side B release with a few plays of Katy Perry’s official “Rise” remixes.

She enlisted Purity Ring, Monsieur Adi and TĀLĀ to reimagine the Olympics theme song into something suitable for either the dance floor or smoking a bowl and chilling in your bedroom. Depends on which one you play first – Purity Ring’s will get ya to light one up, Monsieur Adi’s will assist in any weekend shenanigans, or if you’re running a few errands stream TĀLĀ’s.

Listen here:

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