Katy Perry Registers Three New Song Titles

Katy Perry’s working on new music!

When Katy’s not devising a plan to humiliate Taylor Swift in front of millions during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl, she’s working hard in the recording studio on her new album on a new song that’ll probably embarrass Taylor Swift in front of millions more.

Katy registered three new track titles recently: “In Flames,” “Heartache Crusade“ and “She’s So Creepy“ (the latter probably about Tay Tay).

Unfortunately, we don’t know if they’re new songs or not, but I imagine a press release floating around isn’t announcing old jank songs.

In 2014, the cotton candy chanteuse was the only artist with the most spins at three different radio formats, was the most-played act at Top 40 and her song, “Dark Horse” with Juicy J, was the most-played song of 2014.

It’s only a matter of time before she takes back her crown and reclaims the pop thrown with a new album!