Music not the bling.

Katy Perry finds herself in an interesting position in 2019. She hasn’t had the same commercial success she first obtained earlier in her career.

Chart chasing is exhausting, and according to Perry, can be a source of unhappiness because there’s no end in sight.

“My secret to happiness is that it is a constant journey. There is no ‘there.’ It’s not a destination. For me what I’ve noticed is that it’s balance,” she said.

“It’s not just needing to prove in the music. It’s having your family, it’s having your loved ones, it’s having my fiancé. It’s the whole of all of that.”

She added: “It’s balance, it’s stillness, it’s God, it’s humility, it’s gratefulness.”

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  1. I don’t believe it. Otherwise, she would’ve just released the album already. We all know all these new pop girls are very thirsty. They want this. They want to slay. They want to dominate the charts. They want the **********. They’re very different from the early oughts pop girls like Britney and Christina where they’re just really about entertaining. I’m not saying Brit and X weren’t calculated but maybe yeah to a certain extent but not like the pop girls of today. Even Lady Gaga for all of her speeches about being an “artist”, we all know she wants the slayage so bad. I mean she did say she did it for impact so yeah. Taylor, Gaga, Katy, Nicki, Ariana, Beyoncé [?], Rihanna [?], Selena [?], Demi [?], Miley [?] and many more – they’re all the same.

  2. I guess it’s healthy to focus on the important things in life during a time of floppage but I think I’d rather see her get angry and channel that energy into delivering hits with a new project. Sure, you can find happiness through balance and loved ones, but even that doesn’t replace the kind of boost that career success can give.

  3. Looooooooooooool beyotch please….
    You keep repeating this every two months, and the more you say it the more you just show how it’s the exact complete opposite #validatemeplease

  4. Of course she’s reflecting about life now that she’s not on the top of the charts, no one would if they were, because you don’t need to, because you’re high on the success and don’t even have time to think. But then after years of fame and fortune, ALL artists say the same (watch any interview from top artists once they are older or retired): they were not happy, or happiness cannot be found there. So we should respect this phase of hers; at least she’s being honest and wants to learn and be a better person. I like that.

  5. I don’t feel bad for her. She has had so much success. I think it all came at the same time so that has made the public sick of her. She should get married and go away for a while. Clearly no one wants to hear her music. How many failed singles did she have this year? Never really over was her peak single and it was mediocre.

  6. Really shitting music is made from a place of it ‘needing to land,’ and we’re stuck with it for a week. Why dont musical artists understand that what we as fans love more than anything, is relating to your life.

    That’s why TS is a force, you wanna make her a victim fine, but she talks about her private life and love it or hate it- it’s hers and it’s TRUE and that, no one can argue with. I dont think she tries to make hits, she tries to tell stories and get us to understand her/ her feelings.

    Madonna, not to be stereotypical- from her classics to now- she just keeps telling it like it is. It doesnt land on a stupid chart, but her shows probably sell enough and enough people show up. Eventually she shows up, someway somehow she stays in the headlines.

    I love Britney, every album I’ll know every word to no matter what.

    She’s gotta let go of the school yard chart topping/influencer/marketing BS and do for herself what works.

    I mean, I hate to see her stop. She is an excellent vocalist 1st and foremost, why throw that away?

  7. I really hope that we’re mis-reading this article. I hope what Katy Perry is saying is that she will release her music on her terms when she’s ready, and that she no longer gives a **** about the charts. Because THAT’s how it SHOULD BE.

    Katy Perry is a force. Her music defined the first half of this decade, and that’s what she’s got to focus on. She can’t be mad that “art” like ‘WITNESS’ isn’t well received. She also can’t claim she’s focusing on making it “Art” when she’s using songs like ‘Swish Swish’ and ‘Bon Appetit’ to front it. Those songs were literally reaching for a hit on the charts.

    She can’t be offended when people get tired of it.

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