Perry’s not done preaching yet.

Katy Perry rehashes an old persona in new music video.

While some pop fans are none too thrilled with Katy Perry’s return to music – after what’s been dubbed a rather lacklustre comeback single and some tasteless comments on the Grammys red carpet about mental illness – the 32-year-old is gearing up to release the music video for her single Chained To The Rhythm on February 21st.

The video appears to be just as much of a political pop affair as the lyric video was. Instead of a housebound hamster this time, instead the preview shows the brainless masses attending a theme park called Oblivia (geddit?), complete with socially apt ride names like “American Dream Drop”:

As you’ll notice in Perry’s retweet, she’s reintroducing one of her old personas (alter egos?) – Kathy Beth Terry, who you’ll recall was the star of Katy’s Last Friday Night video.