Katy Perry Super Bowl Press Conference: It's A Spiritual Experience

Katy Perry is human, hi!

Billboard’s latest cover girl chatted with media (only because if she didn’t she’d be fined; her words not mine) during a Super Bowl press conference held on Thursday in Arizona.

“I might be a little more nervous for this particular event than the actual show,” Katy admitted before uncomfortably standing throughout the conference in front of reporters from Entertainment Tonight, Associated Press and many (many) more.

Here are some highlights from the press conference:

  • Don’t ask her to take a selfie in front of a huge room of people
  • Nothing in her performance will be deflated
  • She’ll sing a lot of it live
  • She ordered 100 boxes of thin mint girl scout cookies
  • She’s rooting for the Sea Hawks
  • Says Lenny Kravitz will make the night “even sexier, an appropriate sexiness”
  • She is going to play on her humor, incredible joy and her “anthemic” songs
  • Wants her performance a combination of Madonna & Beyonce
  • She’ll feature real lions and sharks apparently
  • CostumeSSSSS by Jeremy Scott
  • The other special guest is a female “throwback”
  • She’s an athlete
  • None of her costumes were scanned by security
  • There shall be zero wardrobe malfunctions
  • Watch Katy Perry’s Super Bowl press conference below:

    Oh, and there’s an interesting comment on the YouTube video I’ll leave here:

    “I saw a rehearsal and it was incredible! She opens with “Dark Horse,” but it’s a rock and roll version. She also does “California Girls,” “Roar,” “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” “You’re Hot and Cold,” and she closes with “Fireworks.” As for the guest, her name rhymes with Katy’s, she’s friends with Lenny (they are both biracial), and she’s done the Super Bowl once before, singing the national anthem. They do a mash-up of “Birthday” and one of the guest’s earlier number ones!

    “Very nicely done.”