Katy Perry’s new song and video has arrived.

The pop star’s music has always been tongue and cheek, and “Never Really Over” doesn’t disappoint. After Witness flopped, the GP drew a line in the sand, but Katy’s kicking up the dust.

On her Zedd and Dreamlab-produced new tune, Katy sings about a relationship that’s enduring, but there are certainly several meanings here. Is she singing to fans? To the people? A man? Herself? Whomever she’s addressing, it’s causing inner turmoil – so much so that she checks herself into a hippie-dippie retreat for a little R&R. Yeah, we’ve been pretty rough on her haven’t we, but she’s not going without a fight.

“All of our relationships – from first love, through failed love, to great love – all become a part of you, so that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light,” Perry says of the song.

The track teeters between a youthful Teenage Dream cut and electro-banger courtesy of Zedd, but mostly due to Norwegian pop star Dagny. “NRO” samples Dagny’s song, “Love You Like That.” It’s a familiar sound for Katy, but still sounds fresh. It’s also got a beat that’s capable of transforming into a monstrous remix (which I am sure her producer friends already have in the works).

I also think it’s interesting that Katy refused to rock the short bob haircut in this. It’s for the best.

No word whether “Never Really Over” is the first release from a potential album, however rumor has it this is a buzz track. What are albums, anyway?

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