Collab of the new decade incoming.

I can’t decide if Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna joining forces for a cover of “Lady Marmalade” is the best or worst decision ever.

Perry was recently asked about her dream holiday collab, and she listed her iconic pop peers and song selection.

My initial thoughts are that it sounds good in theory, probably much like the first-ever production meeting of Cats, but there’s real potential for disaster.


What do YOU think? Would you be down for a Katy x Gaga x Riri cover of “Lady Marmalade?” And who would be the Mya? Register an account in 30 seconds and leave your two cents in the comments.

5 Responses

  1. I would say this: get together, record the song, and then as soon as it’s out the oven turn around and grab the first gay you see in the room (it should be easy and there should be more than one) and ask him what he thinks: you should have a brief but effective first impression and even probably a quite accurate peak chart position.

  2. Mya? The question is who’s gonna be Christina. 😄 if we’re going with starpower that’s obviously Rihanna but if we’re going with vocals, who among these women can do Christina’s slayage of a verse? I know I can. But what about them? 😂 I am down for this trio collaboration but not ‘Lady Marmalade’. Just don’t do a cover. ‘Bang Bang’ was an original and that was great. It was a hit even if Jessie J (who is a flop) got top billing. And with the star power of these three amazing women, it’s like having a Bang Bang with not 1 but 3 Ariana Grandes (and no Jessie Js for maximum slayage).

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