Katy Perry is served in her new music video for “Bon Appé***” featuring Migos.

The pop star’s new song received mix reviews. Namely, the unimaginative puns combining food with ***. “Got me spread like a buffet?” Bye. But to be fair, Katy has always produced heaping amounts of lyrical cheese (pun intended). What elevates her from the rest are her iconic music videos, and that’s ok.

In her latest clip, Perry is unpackaged, sliced & diced, boiled and basted to perfection as a literal piece of meat. She’s eventually presented to Migos, but before they can take a bite she transforms into a stripper, because sure.

It’s an intriguing concept considering she’s been labeled as cookie-cutter, and is undoubtedly one of the most scrutinized entertainers in the game.

This video is a win for Katy.


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