Katy Perry gets immortalized in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

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I’m not much of a video gamer, but this feels like a power play.

Katy Perry recorded a song for the new Final Fantasy mobile game and, for a short time, is included as a character. The track is called “Immortal Flame.” 

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What does it sound like? If Witness cut “Into Me You See” had a love child with “Rise,” it’d be “Immortal Flame.” It features a stomping beat and warm, soaring vocals from our computerized queen. On it, Katy sings about an infinite, undying love.

“Dreams hardly ever do come true / I guess I’m lucky ’cause I found myself waking up next to you,” she sings on the power ballad. “Oh, and with this raging heart of mine, I’ll love you til the end of time / Cause I want to live a thousand lives, and be your immortal flame.”

The song does its job, but I’m ready for Katy to experiment with her sound.

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