Katy Perry readies her next release.

Katy Perry has decided to hold off touring for the foreseeable future to focus on releasing new music. She kicked off the festivities with the Zedd-produced banger, “Never Really Over” then tapped Charlie Puth for “Small Talk.” It appears she already has her sights set on the next bop.

Earlier this summer, the singer was photographed in Hawaii on what appears to be a music video shoot. She was rocking a Baywatch-esque one piece swim suit and long blonde hair.

The video is reportedly for a new song titled “Harleys In Hawaii.” The pop star revealed the name in a new interview with the Zach Sang Show. She explained the inspiration came from riding a Harley in Oahu with boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

The track is also produced by Puth. He also provides background vocals.

Katy made it clear recently she doesn’t plan on promoting her new tunes with a tour.

“I don’t really want to go on tour right now. I can’t make a record while I’m on the road because one thing suffers,” she recently told The Sun, adding that it doesn’t feel authentic to record whilst touring. 

It’s worth mentioning Katy reportedly recorded “Never Really Over” on tour…

 “I feel a little bit like 2008 was a time, and now 2019 is a totally different time, and all of the change that has happened in between that, it’s a totally different playing field,” she continued. “I mean, you have to rewire and relearn. I would say that, as an observer, and a big fan of music, there are fewer characters. Lots of songs come out, but fewer characters and personalities.”

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