She keeps receipts.

American Idol will be a Taylor-free zone.

Katy Perry has reportedly banned Taylor Swift songs from American Idol because she doesn’t want to stir the pot. Despite the pop star making an entire song/ music video about it but that’s OK.

A source is telling Naughty Gossip that “Katy wants the show to be about finding new talent not the ongoing drama between her and Taylor.” Valid.

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They add: “If someone auditioning sings a Taylor song then the whole thing becomes about Katy’s reaction, not the person auditioning. Katy is insisting on a drama-free idol. Plus, she’s not exactly upset that people will be singing her hits and not Taylor’s.”

You might be thinking, ‘DIVA! THE OUTRAGE! HATER!’ And that’s fine, but in this case I think you’re wrong. That storyline is extremely tired, so Katy sparing us the woman-on-woman battle on nightly television is a gift. Although, that would probably be the most exciting part of the entire season. Le sigh…

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