Katy Perry returns with a monstrous pop hit.

If Katy’s new song and video for “Harleys In Hawaii” doesn’t inspire you to runaway to the islands and fall in love, nothing will.

Katy wrote the track with her “Small Talk” collaborators, Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson and Jacob Kasher Hindlin. Carlsson and Puth produced “Harleys in Hawaii.”


“Boy tell me can you take my breath away / cruising down the heart-shaped highway,” Katy sings over a soft, mid-tempo. “I’m just swerving lane to lane / don’t hit the brakes / cause I’m feeling so safe.”

In the video, naturally, Katy cruises through Hawaii on the back of her man’s Harley. She also shares a few intimate moments with her stud.

“Harleys In Hawaii” follows “Small Talk,” and “Never Really Over.”

Watch below, then let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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  1. I feel that shes been playing it safe lately. Never really over was ok, small talk started off great until it went nowhere. At the start of this song I was started thinking dang shes back, but then her lyrics just don’t do it for me. “let me run my hands through your salty hair” ew. “Jewler, jewler”…are we in 2011? Its clear that Dr. Luke pretty much propelled her career and without him shes Katherine not Katy Perry.

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