Make it paradise… but lit.

Some times a song should just… be. But Katy Perry is determined to continually breathe new life into her most-recent release, “Harleys In Hawaii.” You gotta respect the hustle.

After an ASMR version and a few other various promos, Perry released a couple of remixes, out now.


One is crafted by New York-based producer KANDY and the other by Win And Woo. Both inject bouncing electro beats and other production gymnastics, stripping away the song’s simplicity for something you’d expect to hear inside a Vegas nightclub. Not saying that’s good or bad.

Let’s hope this catches the GP’s attention, because “Harleys” has failed to chart on the Hot 100 yet. Justice for Katy.

Listen to them below, then let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. That only applies to legacy artists like Madonna and Janet… and (debatable) Britney. If you’re still at your prime, it does and it should. Katy’s only 12 years into her career (Katy Hudson doesn’t count). Britney in her 12th year doubled her Hot 100 No.1 total.

      1. By debatable, I meant because she is kind of in between. One argue that Britney is now a legacy artist because she has crossed that legend status already. If you don’t think so, then that is the real delusion. She’s no longer given normal awards anymore. All she’s getting are mostly lifetime achievement type of awards now. Because she is that already. Also, she’s not enjoying the same relevance as BeyoncĂ© nowadays who is still very much at the top of her game so she’s far from being a legacy artist. But she’s also still too young to be one. That’s what I mean. Don’t call me delusional because I’m no Gen-Z stan. 🙃

        1. I think we’re mixing things up. A legacy will always be one because what it has created has made an impact in culture and will endure the past of time. I don’t think relevance is that important because that’s measured by numbers and not by worldwide influence. You American people are mesmerized by BeyoncĂ©, and she certaintly is a talented and hard-working woman, but she’s not that impactful or likeable in the rest of the world, and I’ll keep saying that until you all get it. So Britney is definitely a legacy artist, and if she’s not relevant nowadays then we need to start teaching these youngsters or let them do their own homework. And Britney has always been a trendsetter and the first to break records and excel at things. She’s just burned too much too quickly, and she’s been in the business for more than twenty years so far so imagine the amount of Charisma, UNiqueness and Talent! However, maybe what separates Britney from the rest and might make this erm….debatable, is that she truly is a “girl next door” type of girl deep inside, so she seems to be having a constant inner fight between staying home with her boys or conquering the world. Right now, her homey side (for obvious health issues and other personal drama) is taking over her stage persona. And I’m fine with that, my queen needs a well-deserved rest, let the other thirsty ******* fight each other for relevance while her name is already written in pop culture history.

          1. That’s what I’m saying I do believe that Britney is a legacy artist. But I put “debatable” in my statement because I know some fans would not agree with that label. Don’t come for me like i’m a hater cause I’m not. I’m a stan since day 1. I know my Britney Spears.

          2. I wish everyone wouldn’t try to discredit one to defend the other. They both were out about the same time albeit BeyoncĂ© was with Destiny’s Child. BeyoncĂ© is not impactful or likeable throughout the rest of the world? Yet let they let her literally shoot a music video in the louvre. Also met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, multiple sold out WORLD tours. European awards, etc. You can not like BeyoncĂ© all you want, but these are facts. Why can’t they both be amazing artists with amazing careers. They both have made and are making their impact on music.

          3. I’m not discrediting BeyoncĂ©, what part of “she’s a talented and hard-working woman” did you not read? But that doesn’t necessarily translate to the public consciousness around the world. She’s amazing but I truly don’t think she’s as impactful as other other artists. But oh well, only time will tell.

  2. I really dig the song, but I’m so confused as to what she’s trying to do to get another hit. It feels like she’s throwing everything and anything at the wall to see what sticks.

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