Perry admits her parents voted for Trump.


Katy Perry offered some last-minute words of wisdom in support of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Clinton’s headquarters in New York City on the night of Election Day.

Perry kicked off the speech by admitting her parents voted for Trump, but that her family will remained united despite their differences.

“We all love our parents, and we all love our children,” Perry said. “I can rest easy knowing that both of my young nieces at home will never see themselves less than equal. Anything other than equal. So remember today is not just a finish line, it also marks the beginning of all the work we must come together to do. We need everyone. Gay, straight, black, white, brown, spray tanned. People of faith and people that just love. So let’s sing a song of unity. Let’s be one nation, indivisible with a kick *** President. And in victory, let’s focus on unity. Let’s make history again and let’s make hate history.”

She continued: “Let’s make bigotry history. Let’s make inequality history.”

“We have, as Americans, the most wonderful opportunity to re-write our narrative. Let’s all come together as a nation so that we can make a future that is something all Americans can be a part of. Because now and forever we are stronger together. And we’ve always been in this together.”

Watch the entire speech below:

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