Katy Perry is Getting Flak For Saying She Starts Trends, Not Follows Them

November 28, 2017 By Jordan Miller

This is how she do, yeah.

This is how she do, yeah.

Katy Perry gave an interview to People about why being a judge on American Idol is so important to her (spoiler alert: she does not mention the $25 million pay day) and her style evolution. She details a couple of the most iconic looks throughout her career, like the peppermint dress from the California Dreams tour, and confidently proclaims she’s a trendsetter.

“I like to start trends, not necessarily follow them,” the pop star said.

A barrage of Internet comments was quick to say otherwise. Non-fans pointed out that working with Max Martin & Dr. Luke for most of her career and wearing candy-themed costumes is not trendsetting – quite the opposite.

My thoughts? Haters gon hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m sick of people giving Katy a hard time. There, I said it. Yes, some of her offhanded comments this year were all sorts of cringe, so we (the collective Internet) sabotaged Witness. Hasn’t she endured enough ridicule this year? Wait, don’t answer that.


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