She does her best to play along, but the girl was tripping balls.

Katy Perry Entertains A "Rolling" Fan On Rock In Rio Stage

Katy Perry played it cool when a fan she invited on stage was a lot more touchy feely than she expected.

Perry, who’s currently touring her Prismatic World tour in South America, brought her show to the Rock In Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Monday (Sep. 28), and got a lot more love than she bargained for when a fan she brought up on stage was enjoying the concert a little too much.

During a segment in the show, the “Roar” singer invites a fan on stage to share the spotlight with and take a selfie, but during Monday’s stint, quickly realizes the girl is probably on something when she can’t stop kissing and caressing Perry. “I think she’s rolling,” Katy says.

Perry does her best attempt at communicating with the audience in Portuguese, but the pizza chanting and hello volleying appears to be an affect from the awkwardness ensuing around her.

She handles it like a trooper, but damn: