“Rise…” rose.


“Rise…” rose.

There’s a new pop star at the top of the iTunes charts, and the Britney Army is not happy about it.

On Thursday, fans of Britney Spears heard their idol’s new song “Make Me” would hit the net later that night. As the hours slowly trickled by, it looked as if the rumors were the real deal. A premature Tweet from Britney’s Twitter account revealed the news ahead of schedule – it confirmed her new song with rapper G-Eazy was iTunes-bound.

She knew she shouldn’t have kept us waiting, but she’s here now.

First the rumor, then a confirmation from Britney herself, the flawless cover art; everything was set in place to storm the Internet and prop the Queen back on her royal pop throne where she belongs. But there was an unforeseen twist that has ignited the fan-base.

Katy Perry surprise-released a new song for the Olympics titled “Rise,” and though it was no match for Britney initially, it has now knocked Brit to No. 2 and is the most downloaded song on the U.S. iTunes chart right now.

Perry explained how current world events fuelled her creative process this morning on The Today Show, saying “Rise” was a song that was “brewing inside me for years, that’s finally come to the surface” and that “I know together we can rise above the fear – in our country and around the world.”

She also dropped a video for it.

While it is unfortunate timing, there’s no one to blame. Britney’s song “Make Me” was most likely a rush release considering much of the music video has leaked ahead of schedule. It was a good call to push the song premiere up, but it happened to fall on the same night as another fellow pop star with a massive fanbase (Perry was recently crowned the Queen of Twitter with over 90 million followers).

Congrats Katy, but next time maybe plan your release around a new Taylor Swift song. Or something.

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