Katy Perry admits the Witness era was a low point.

When Perry didn’t experience the stratospheric roar of approval from the world once she released Witness, things took a turn for her.

At that time, Katy was far more unfiltered, and pissed people off with some of her comments. She also cut her hair and dyed it blonde, which for one reason or another played a role into the era’s downfall. It took a toll on Katy, and sent her down a path of self-discovery. She tells Vogue India its was one of the hardest times of her life.

“I became depressed and I did not want to get out of bed. In the past, I had been able to overcome it, but this time something happened that made me fall down too many flights of stairs,” she said. “I had to really go on a mental health journey.”

“For the press, every few months I turn into ‘Perry, the Piñata’. But thankfully, I don’t get my validation from them anymore,” she continued.

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It’s worth reminding you Witness still hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release, but Perry went from America’s sweetheart to pop villain virtually overnight. She also hasn’t seen much chart success in years – her most recent releases barely made a dent on the Hot 100.

“I’ve been in the public eye for 12 years and I’ve made many mistakes. I’m human, and I still want to try,” she added. “I don’t want to be defeated or become a recluse. I want to live life. And doing that means you might occasionally trip, but it’s not about how you fall—it’s about how you get up.”

We were all a little hard on Katy back then. Do you agree it’s time to move on? Let us know what you think in the comments! Register an account in 30 seconds and use your voice!

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14 Responses

  1. I never was a part of the Katy Hate Train. Even with the shaving-of-the-head comments she made. To me, as long as she never like outright came for Britney – she’s still good to me.


    1. I agree, I actually supported her throughout the Witness era, and really hating on Britney is also my hard limit with anyone.
      PS: “Never Really Over” is amazing.

  2. She has to get back to not caring where her music lands- I feel like all artists get to that.
    I think she’s got the most longevity potential because she’s incredibly talented and creative while still maintaining classiness with this slightly sexual edge I dont like that I kinda am into? I wasn’t crazy about Witness or the hair cut but- i.think the thing is her Pop music sound has evolved and it’s not catching right.
    All her tracks are slow growers for me now, idc where it charts

  3. Well she’s growing up as a human as well as an artist, so she needed this tumble to know she shouldn’t depend so much on chart success to keep creating, or to be validated by the people and the media to feel good about herself, so she should be grateful for that experience. I imagine she’s better prepare to cope with and navigate the rest of her career now, which I imagine will be long because she cares way too much about her music and visuals to let it go that easily. I still think she should expand and start producing plays or movies because she’s really good at that, her imagination is broad and wild.
    One thing though… Her singing is more and more “strained” each time, and that bothers me. She should learn or practice how to soften her singing voice, and also to choose slightly happier or ligther melodies, because she’s getting more and more intense or deep with the sound of her music and I think she should keep that fresh pop sound from the beginning. If she wants to communicate more meaningful meanings then she should use her songwriting, not her singing.

    1. Totally agree she should use her songwriting instead of vocals to convey emotion! Her live acoustic of Unconditonally on ‘Alan Carr’s Chatty Man?’ IS perfection to me

  4. It wasn’t the critics that were hard on Katy Perry… It was definitely the Internet. The fans. And to say that we were “hard“ on her, is a massive understatement. Fans honestly don’t know what to ask of Katy. We bitched and moaned that she made the same album multiple times, and begged for her to do something groundbreaking, and then she releases “chained to the rhythm“ alongside one of her best music videos of her entire career, and we sleep on it.

    She ditches Dr. Luke, and goes a different way artistically. Exactly what we asked for. “Witness“ was one of her absolute best pieces of work. It was cohesive, for the most part. There were definitely some filler moments… But This was a completely different direction for Katy, And showed a lot of vulnerability. This was exactly what we asked her to do. And the Internet decides to respond by trashing every second of it.

    I don’t think “witness” was the issue at all. I think the issue, is that we all grew tired of Katy Perry. She had been dominating the radio since 2008. You couldn’t walk in a shopping mall or park or public place without hearing one of the songs off of “teenage dream“. But in defense of “witness“, Katie‘s visual presentation and craftsmanship were on point. I think someday this album will be remembered much better than it is currently.

    I also think Katy needs to really calm down and realize there’s no reason to be depressed. The album still sold over 1 million copies, closer to 2 million if you count the Global tally. Her loyal fans still went out and bought her music. They also witnessed the tour all over the globe. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here or depressed about. I for one look forward to Katy’s next move.

      1. After ‘Teenage Dream’ and all the silly memories that album brings back for me and my ridiculous early 20’s, I have To admit, I’ll always Stan Katy and her quirky personality 😂

  5. Sad to hear that the “failure” of Witness affected Katy so much. I think her previous success was her worst enemy. Because she was so successful, the standard for her songs and albums were so high. If she releases a single and it doesn’t go #1 it’s considered a failure. If she releases an album and it doesn’t go multi-platinum in the U.S. its a failure. To have the highest achievements as your standard must be so overwhelming. I’m sure she felt such immense pressure to keep her level of success going with her fourth album. In comparison to other artists, a #4 lead single and a #1 album is a huge achievement. But in the context of Katy’s career it was underwhelming and her fears of “flopping” were coming true.

    I think the biggest mis-step with the Witness era was the marketing and single choices. First of all, Rise should have never happened. The lead single for her fourth album should’ve been a huge comeback moment and Rise took the hype away. Chained to the Rhythm was a good lead single choice and kept the promise of Katy saying her new era would be “purposeful pop”. However, following it with Bon Appetit was a huge mistake. It was a complete 180 message-wise and felt like a hollow attempt to recreate Katy + rapper success she’s had in the past. Swish Swish was also a poor single choice because it only fueled the Katy vs. Taylor mania the press was vilifying her for. If she was going to answer to Bad Blood, which was a #1 song with a blockbuster video, her response should have been much better than the flimsy Swish Swish. By the time the album came out, she exhausted the public and her “purposeful pop” never really happened. I think Hey Hey Hey, Deja Vu, Bigger Than Me and Pendulum would all have been appropriate official single choices because they would have at least felt on message with the original intent of the album. She could’ve also released Roulette and Tsunami as singles because they’re just good songs. Anyway, the era is long over and it was more successful than people remember.

    I think in order for Katy to return to the top of the charts she needs to accept already written songs from the hottest writers and producers. Let others do the writing and Katy do the singing. This would allow her and her team to hand pick her next smash or smashes. Think of it as Katy’s Femme Fatale. Arguably one of Britney most successful eras, where she had absolutely had nothing to do with the writing. It was also the first time she had three top ten singles from one album. Rihanna’s Loud is another good example. Also can we go back to 2010-2012?

    If Katy truly doesn’t care about chart success anymore, than she should just keep doing what she’s been doing in 2019. Releasing music sporadically that she believes in. She is an icon and certainly doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, but I believe she has another great era in her. Who knows, 2020 could be her year. <3

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