Check out Katy’s first performance of her new single.

The return of Katy Perry has truly begun.

After a slightly lack luster reception to comeback single “Chained to the Rhythm”, Katy Perry gave a mixed performance of the lead single from her forthcoming fourth studio album. The “California Gurls” star debuted the Max Martin and Sia penned reggae-disco bop with a little help from Bob Marley’s grandson, Skip Marley.

After a strange acoustic introduction from Little Big Town, Katy took to the stage against what appeared to be a white picket fence and a house that rotated across the stage. Perry’s vocal left a lot to be desired, as is typical, and the performance – whilst clearly well-executed – failed to make the impact it was clearly designed to. There was something missing between the message of the song, Katy’s erratic performance style and the performative aspect of the movement. Skip Marley added a burst of energy, but appeared to rely almost entirely on playback for his feature.

Ending the performance with “no hate!” and a shot of the Deceleration of Independence didn’t feel like enough to hammer home the social justice message of the track.

Will Katy’s performance be enough to give “Chained” a much needed chart boost? Only time will tell, but it’s currently being kept out of the top 3 on iTunes by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The song hasn’t enjoyed the immediate success of “Roar” or “California Gurls”, but the consensus appears to be that it’s a grower, so let’s see how it does now that it’s had its first live performance.

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