Katy Perry is getting electric on her new album!


We think Katy Perry Tweeted new lyrics.

Perry is working hard on her fourth studio album, did you hear? Of course not, because she’s cleverly distracted us from wondering about it. Whether it was gabbing about her Bumpit at the Golden Globes, the melancholy UNICEF public service announcement, the bizarrely entertaining holiday campaign with H&M, her performance at the David Lynch Foundation concert, getting spanked by Madonna, rallying for Hillary Clinton, launching a mobile gaming app… the list goes on and on. But what about the music?

It’s not much, but we have reason to believe Perry shared a new lyric off the upcoming album. “When people won’t stop siphoning your light…it’s time to go⚡️electric⚡️”

Sounds titillating! We’re intrigued…

But is it a Tay Swift dig?