Katy Perry surprise-releases new holiday tune, “Cozy Little Christmas.”

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Katy, who reportedly wanted to take a step back from recording new music, just released a new Christmas classic.

The song is titled “Cozy Little Christmas,” a warm and fuzzy Xmas tune about not needing gifts (minus the Chanel) because love will do just fine. Pffff in what world?

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“I don’t need diamonds or sparkly things cause you can’t buy this feeling,” Katy sings over enchanting bells and background singers chanting la la la. “Nothing lights my fire or lights me up baby like you do.” It’s magically cheesy, the kind of holiday jingle my dark heart needed.

It’s worth mentioning Katy filmed a secret project, and it could very well be a music/lyric video for “Cozy Little Christmas.” Read more about that here.

The song is currently only available as an Amazon exclusive, which is an interesting choice. And by interesting I mean awful. 

As for my thoughts on the song? It’s cute, but it’s missing that special something. If this landed on Witness I would’ve understood. 

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