Katy Perry dropped a music video for her 2018 holiday hit, “Cozy Little Christmas.”

In it, Perry gets a **** massage and soaks up the sun with Santa, downs eggnog shots and splashes around in a martini glass filled with milk. It’s life goals.

Watch it below, then let us know what you think in the comments! There’s also a new Katy Perry Group created by one of our members – join it and leave your two cents!

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    1. Yes but I wonder why she isn’t on Broadway or something. I feel like she’s a drama queen (in all the senses): in her videos she ALWAYS acts, she plays some sort of character (it’s never beauty shots), she cares so much about clothes and fashion and even dares to wear crazy costumes, she produces her own things, she scripts her music videos, hasn’t she directed or co-directed something too? She does it all. Why hasn’t she branched out?? She makes music and shoes, which is no small feat whatsoever, but I feel like she could be putting on a whole show by herself by now. She’s almost like the female Todrick Hall hah

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