Katy Perry Considering Vegas Residency

Ooh my my Katy Perry don’t be shy… I see that paycheck flashin’ in your eyes!

The “Dark Horse” singer took meetings with Caesars Entertainment execs on New Year’s Eve about performing in a mini-residency at the the Axis at Planet Hollywood while Britney’s in between shows, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

“We would love it if we could welcome Katy to the new Planet Hollywood theater,” said an entertainment VP.

Another top Caesars exec said: “She put on an incredible show. It would be another big hit at Planet Hollywood if it can be worked out before or around her upcoming global tour. Katy impressed all of us with her personality and professionalism. She loved being part of our Caesars family for the New Year. Hopefully it can continue.”

What do you think? Will people plan their trip during Katy’s residency over Britney’s now? Vise versa? Leave a comment in Exhale and let us know what you think.