Katy Perry Cancels Singles’ Day Performance In China Reportedly Due To Family Emergency

November 9, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Singles’ Day is a massive shopping day in China.


Katy Perry will no longer perform during China’s Singles’ Day.

Perry, who was seen crying backstage at Hillary Clinton’s HeadQuarters in New York City following the news Donald Trump would become the next President of the United States, has reportedly axed her scheduled trip to China where she was slated to perform during Singles’ Day (also dubbed “Double Eleven”), which is a celebrated 24-hour shopping day on Nov. 11.

E-commerce company Alibaba pulled in $14.3 billion in sales on its platforms last year during the 24-hour festival, and they’re projected to surpass that this year by 40%, Forbes reports.

Nearly 10,000 merchants will sell to millions of shoppers in China, with Alibaba promising that online orders will be delivered in as little as two hours. Apple, Guerlain, Maserati and Target will be available for the first time on Alibaba’s online store Tmall this year, along with Costco, Macy’s, Starbucks and Zara.

A countdown gala in Shenzhen will precede the gathering, which was meant to feature a performance from the pop star, but she reportedly will no longer attend. According to Chinese website Weibo, Perry pulled out due to a family emergency.

Regretfully, I must cancel my appearance on the Alibaba Double 11 due to a family emergency. I am very sorry to disappoint my fans and look forward to seeing you in China soon.


OneRepublic and former Lakers’ player Kobe Bryant are still signed on to attend.

On election night, Perry urged Americans to vote for Clinton after admitting her parents backed Trump.

“Let’s make bigotry history. Let’s make inequality history,” she said. “We have, as Americans, the most wonderful opportunity to re-write our narrative. Let’s all come together as a nation so that we can make a future that is something all Americans can be a part of. Because now and forever we are stronger together. And we’ve always been in this together.”

No one can argue a family emergency, because citing heartbreak over an upset in American politics might not go over well right now, especially in China.

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