“When is it going to be enough?”

“Prayer without action is powerless.”

In case you didn’t know, the American Idol judging panel has figured itself out. Katy Perry is joined by Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. They got together publicly for the first time today (Oct. 4) and began the promotional rounds.

During their stop on Good Morning America, hosts Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan asked them to speak on the shooting that took place at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas on Sunday. After Richie and Bryan spoke, Katy shared her two cents saying us as a society needs to take “good, hard look” at gun reform laws.

“We have to have some action,” she said. “We have to take an unfortunate, good, hard look at what our rules and our boundaries are with gun reform. No one is saying, ‘Take away your guns,’ but we just don’t necessarily need assault rifles, assault weapons.”

She added taking a look at the “hands that these guns are being placed in.”

“We have to put our foot down more than just sending our condolences,” she said. “Honestly, I get really sick to my stomach with everyone just sending their condolences, and then going back to selfie-ing and doing their regular stuff. That is not enough.”

“When is it going to be enough? I don’t know the answers and I know it’s a touchy subject but I think we have to take a good, hard look at it as a society.”

Good on Katy for speaking up. Clearly something has to change in the states. How many lives lost will it take for laws to change the way citizens obtain high-powered weapons designed for mass destruction?


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