Kathy Griffin filled in for Larry King on the Larry King Live show this weekend, and thoroughly discussed the paparazzi with a panel consisting of “doctors,” paparazzi, and agency owners, and the photog’s relationship with celebrities. In the show, Kathy interviews celebrity Dr. Drew Pinsky, who again, talks about Britney (FYI he was featured in Britney’s latest E! THS which premiered last Friday). When did he get his doctrine in paparazzi? Fame *****. But what bothers me more is the excerpt that discusses Kathy Griffin’s “paparazzi date” back in April with user and enabler Adnan Ghalib. Kathy says Adnan would tell his fellow paps where he was, what time he’d arrive, and who he was with to coordinate a time to get the shot; something he was always suspected of doing when he was with Britney, and now here’s confirmation. Kathy said the following on live television:


“Adnan was on it; was calling the paps, and telling them exactly where he’d be, and what speed he’d be driving, and what intersection he’d be at when… I will tell you something Adnan said to me that was a little bit chilling. Which is I asked how much a photo would go for between the two of us, and he was kind of shy, and saying ‘oh you know a lot,’ and I said ‘no no, you don’t have to lie, it wouldn’t go for more than like 50 bucks right?’ And he goes ‘it would be worth a lot… if you died tomorrow.‘”

Britney was taken by ambulance to Sedar Sinai just 1 day after seeing Adnan back in January. Interpret that however you’d like… Click to stream the clip.

To watch this entire Larry King Live taping, CLICK HERE.

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