Hazy and pink.

Up and coming indie pop artist Kate Lomas premieres a hazy pink visual for her new song “Ecstasy” on BreatheHeavy.com today.

In the whimsical mid-tempo tune, Lomas finds herself lost in a fleeting moment, and she filmed a video with photographer Silvijah Gec to reflect that.

“Our aim was to bring out as much raw personality in interesting locations in each of the shots,” Lomas tells BreatheHeavy. “‘Ecstasy’ is about living in the moment and the feeling of moving forward in life. I wanted to create a video that was quick cut and had a dreamy feel that represented this – a bit like an escape into another world.”

“Solitude was simple but you made it difficult / Brand new but cynical,” she sings over an icy beat and ethereal background vocals. “When it gets manic I’ll let the time drift away in a different space than it used to be / It feels like ecstasy / The difference between you and me is a love that lets the dark leave.”

“That lyric is about finding a love for myself that is completely wholesome, there’s no darkness or dependence on the other person,” she said. “The difference between myself and the other person is that I have found that love- that feeling of Ecstasy.”

Watch below:

Like what you see? Stay tuned… Lomas has a new single in the works out later this year.

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