Rest up, Kanye.



Kanye West has checked out of UCLA Medical Center under the supervision of his doctor and wife Kim Kardashian, TMZ reports.

They claim one of the biggest contributing factors to what they’re labeling a “nervous breakdown” was the anniversary of his mother’s funeral, and is being advised to pursue “ongoing psychological and medical treatment.”

Earlier in the day, it was reported West requested that recording equipment be brought to the hospital so he can record from his bed.

Rest up, Kanye.


Kanye West reportedly planned on exiting the hospital today, but it’s a no-go.

We don’t know much about Yeezy’s hospitalization aside from media speculation. The latest claims Kanye is acting extremely paranoid, so much so he’s urging doctors not to touch him.

There were whispers he’d get released today (Nov. 28) and his personal doctor would oversee his treatment, but according to an update from TMZ, they’re keeping West because he is still “not stable” and have not decided yet when he should leave.

They also report Kim Kardashian has been by his bedside “nonstop for a week.”

As the Internet does, conspiracy theories have popped up online since West’s hospitalization. One suggests the government kidnapped him after raging against the machine – announcing his support for Donald Trump. Another claims it was a bid to save millions of dollars from cancelling his tour. His policy covers him “if the event illness prevented him from performing.”

I’m not buying that. Combine the traumatic event of his wife getting robbed at gunpoint, dealing with the anniversary of his mom’s death, juggling incomprehensible fame, working around the clock on his fashion empire, touring etc; the dude has been publicly slipping for a while now.

Sending Kanye healing vibes.

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