He isn’t “typically and traditionally American.”

Kanye West might be too famous for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Today marks Barack Obama‘s final day as President of the United States. Meanwhile, Americans are preparing themselves to watch the most unenthusiastic D-list inauguration event in history on Friday (Jan. 20) when Donald Trump is sworn in as our 45th President.

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And while many initially thought Trump could secure at least a couple of super stars, we’re left with 3 Doors Down. This brings us to Kanye West, who dropped by Trump Tower after his nervous breakdown to shake hands with the President-elect and begin laying the path to destroy our future when he runs for President in 2024. But why isn’t Kanye helping his new friend out? Trump spokesman Tom Barrack Jr. told CNN that Kanye wasn’t even asked to perform because he isn’t “typically and traditionally American.”

Sounds racist, but alright.

“He’s been great and he considers himself a friend to the President-elect, but it’s not the venue. The venue we have for entertainment is filled out, it’s perfect.”

Sure, Jan. Watch:

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