Kanye West Writes Warbly Ballad For Kim Kardashian Titled "Awesome"

Kanye West’s self-loving, Kim Kardashian worshipping song titled “Awesome” leaked.

If Kanye West recorded a song underwater with his autotune machine, it’d sound like “Awesome.”

West originally played the muffled track at the Met Ball nearly two years ago, but decided Kim K deserves the recognition after bleaching her hair platinum blonde. Because she doesn’t get enough attention as it is.

Rumor has it the song landed online because West’s laptop was stolen in Paris, though a Def Jam rep denies it.

Notable lyrics:

You don’t need to listen to your manager / You wait to hot for them to handle ya / Baby not for nothing / I know you’re looking for something and I got it

It is unclear if the song will land on “So Help Me God,” but listen below:

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