The college dropout has graduated.

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“I am a pop artist, so my medium is public opinion, and the world is my canvas.”

Today Kanye West became Dr. Kanye West when he was given an honorary doctorate in fine arts from the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. He gave a brief Kanye styled speech at the commencement ceremony.

In true Yeezy fashion, before he started his speech, he removed the water bottles from the clear podium to make it more aesthetically pleasing. He even threw in a few jokes to lighten the mood by saying, “George W. Bush… has some very cool self-portraits. I didn’t know he was an artist,” referencing his controversial Hurricane Katrina comments about the former president.

After his opening he gave a heartfelt speech, in which he acknowledged his nervousness. There were a few humble brags throughout, but overall the speech was appropriate for the occasion and Kanye.

Jump to the 3:00 mark for his speech.

There were a few naysayers about Kanye receiving this honor but the schools Dean summed up her reasoning by saying:

“The guy is smart, the music is beautiful, it’s complicated, it’s post-modern, it’s hip, it’s awakening, I couldn’t be happier.”

This has been quite the year from Kanye from his Time Magazine cover, successful fashion show, and his highly anticipated album So Help Me God Swish.

In honor of Kanye’s PhD, his 2007 song “Good Morning” from his album Graduation:

What do YOU think of Kanye’s honorary doctorate?