Remains Kanye West.


Kanye West stayed true to brand, with a speech as confusing as it was inspirational.

Kanye West gave a motivational speech about fame, success and Taylor Swift at Sunday night’s VMAs. The “Stronger” star spoke about his wife, his fame and success, the importance of letting go of money and the reasons that he called Taylor Swift before putting her into his video. The speech was hard to follow, Kanye never has much luck following a train of thought, but what he said seemed to be as insightful as it was insane.

A natural highlight was quote of the evening: “‘Famous’ might lose to BeyoncĂ© but I can’t be mad I’m always wishing for BeyoncĂ© to win,” the rapper admitted with a giggle.

He then premiered the music video for a quasi-exercise tutorial from Teyana Taylor, featuring gyrating choreography and the inside of a gymnasium. The video quickly segues into an explicit *** scene in the showers, and ends on the gym full of sheep. Of course.

An altogether Kanye West experience.

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