Along with another new song.


Yeezy finally drops the video for All Day, in an exclusive art gallery event.

At a recent top secret event held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Kanye West premiered his Steve McQueen directed video for All Day.

A new song titled I Feel Like That was also featured in the video.

Check it out:

The atmospheric I Feel Like That is almost a polar opposite from club banger All Day, and the music video sees Kanye go from throwing himself around an empty room for the latter, to sitting quietly in the corner looking spaced out as the new track plays.

The LA Times said of the creative collaboration:

For McQueen, the visual artist whose movie career includes the Oscar-winning “12 Years a Slave,” the video is intended to be a microscopic portrait of West, with the camera serving as an in-your-face observer. It’s about the “gaze and the gaze following you,” he said. The director revealed that he asked West to “beat himself up” before the camera rolled to give himself a distressed, tired-out look.

Hopefully he means metaphorically beat! We don’t need Kanye pulling a Fight Club on himself!

What do you think of Kanye’s new music video?