West is taking back his statement he just made the best album of all time and credits those who paved his way.

Golf claps for Kanye West’s recent self reflection.

Probably moments after West felt he finalized his upcoming album Waves, he Tweeted fans “So happy to be finished with the best album of all time,” but a week later West recognizes the fault in his rapid-fire statement; he’s excluding literally everyone that inspired him to become the artist he is today.

Fortunately, Mr. West is making amends. He began by apologizing to Wiz Khalifa over the phone for his Twitter tirade after misunderstanding Khalifa’s “KK” Tweet, mistakenly assuming Wiz was referring to Kim Kardashian when really it was a reference to a kind of weed. Kim got in on the action by Tweeting a photo with Amber Rose, who blasted Kanye for liking fingers in the booty (we’re still getting a chuckle over that one). Now, he’s taking back his claim Waves is the best album of all time. He said, “Out of respect for Q-Tip, Puff, Hov, Lauren, Pharcyde, Mary, Stevie, Michael, Hendrix, James, Pete Rock, Pac, Marvin…. this new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of … So many musicians touch my life and made me who I am… I want to make something great to honor my idols…

By the way, Waves is subject to another name change… possibly So Help Me God.

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