Need a little extra cash? Sign up to be one of Kanye’s extras at his album launch party in NYC.


Cashflow low? Kanye West is hiring.

Kanye West isn’t sure what he’s naming his upcoming record, but one thing’s for sure… it’ll premiere in fashion.

West is seeking out 1200 people (“extras”) to help launch his forthcoming untitled album and premiere the Yeezy Season 3 line with a fashion show hosted inside Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11.

A casting call says those who participate will be compenseated with a check for $80 and “will be among the first in the world to hear the new album.”

Until it surfaces online minutes later. It reads:

Yeezy Season 3 is launching a casting for up to 1200 paid extras to participate in the exclusive Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and premiere of Kanye West’s upcoming album at Madison Square Garden on February 11th. Extras will be among the first in the world to hear the new album.”

Oh, it also adds “and meals will be provided.”

Where do we sign up? Here. The answer is literally here.

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