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Didn’t like “FourFiveSeconds”? Too bad, because Yeezy is handling the entirety of #R8.

In between his very busy schedule of shading his in-laws and shooting his mouth off about Beck, Kanye West found the time to drop a very important bombshell regarding Rihanna’s much anticipated, very overdue 8th studio album.

Specifically, the fact that he’s been named executive producer.

Find out what this might mean below:

Speaking to pretend human Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet last night, the “Stronger” hitmaker opened up about his collaboration with Rihanna, and whilst he didn’t tell us much about what’s in store he did reveal that he’s had a strong hand in the creation of #R8:

What exactly this means for Rih-Rih’s upcoming record is unclear – executive producer is a title which can mean a number of things and can indicate varying levels of creative control and influence. What we probably should expect, however, is that Kanye has produced a large selection of the tracks from the forthcoming album.

The detractors of “FourFiveSeconds” (I know you’re out there) will undoubtedly be losing their minds over this news – the Paul McCartney featuring track was produced by Kanye and could be an indication of the overall sound that he and Rihanna have worked up for her next project. However, knowing how many different genres Rihanna generally tends to work on within one record, this seems unlikely. What’s more probable is that we’ll be treated to some production which sounds more like Kanye’s recent single, “Only One” and his credit from ‘Rebel Heart,’ “Illuminati,” both of which are great tracks and seem to be an indication of his current musical taste.

This news could also lend legitimacy to the rumor that Kanye and Rihanna are planning to tour together later in the year, especially given that neither of them are strangers to a joint tour (West with Jay Z and Rih with Eminem.)

One thing Kanye did remain tight-lipped about was when Rihanna’s album would be hitting the shelves, so how long we have to wait to hear how it all turned out is still a mystery. But with “FourFiveSeconds” burning up the charts and enjoying a boost from it’s first outing at the Grammys last night, it’s unlikely to be in the too distant future.

Kanye + Rihanna = good news or bad news?