What is Kanye West naming his new album?


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.

I think the blogosphere is making a bigger deal out of what Kanye West plans on naming his new album than he is. West is going through the motions out loud, and we’re documenting his every word… including the latest revelation that he has possibly decided on a “new secret album title.”

Let’s refresh your memory. Kanye originally planned on naming the album SWISH until he changed it to Waves. Then, Kim Kardashian Tweeted a poll that included those two song titles as well as So Help Me God. “I wanted to get people’s opinions on how they felt,” Kanye said.

West describes his new album as “ultra light beams.”

“I’m trying to open up hearts, minds. I was sitting in the studio with Kirk Franklin, I said, ‘This is a gospel album with a whole lotta cursing on it but it’s still a gospel album and it’s the gospel according to ‘Ye.”

Maybe it’s titled New Secret Album Title?

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