Kanye misunderstood a Tweet from Wiz, and the rest is downhill from there.


UPDATE 1: Kanye deleted all the Tweets, however we have them in some form below still.


We love you, Internet.

Kanye West flipped out at Wiz Khalifa Wednesday afternoon after mistakenly thinking a Tweet from Khalfia was aimed at Kim Kardashian.

Let us explain.

Khalifa responded Tuesday night to West re-naming his album to Waves with a little history lesson, claiming the term “wave” originally belong to the incarcerated rapper Max B. Kanye then tweeted “all respect” to Max B, to which Wiz responded, “Yea aight.”

Everything was fine until Wiz Tweeted “Hit this kk and become yourself.”

West believes “KK” stands for Kim Kardashian’s, and everything went downhill from there. To Wiz’s credit, he does have a song titled “KK.”

According to Wiz, Kanye’s rant was all a big misunderstanding.

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